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Does your horse side right up so you can get on? Learn how with Cindy.

 Magic happens between horses and  their people at Spirit Dancer Ranch

Horse Games! Trails! Liberty! Obstacles! Clinics & Private lessons. Equine Touch!


Cindy is able to connect with horses on an energetic level. She tunes into the horses needs and helps him/her overcome fears and concerns, both natural and caused by past traumatic events.

Cindy has studied with: Ray Hunt, Eitan Beth Halachmy, ( light hands horsemanship) Buck Brannaman, Manuel Triigo, Parelli and many more amazing horsemen.  She continues to learn from horsemen and Horses.

Horses have so much to teach us if we will just Listen to them.

Cindy Performed Bareback & Bridle-less and was also a Clinician for Liberty and Body Language at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo.

Cindy Loader 970-481-9150


Equine Touch

Cindy is an Equine Touch Practitioner, she also uses Aromatherapy oils and Energy work to help horses with physical and emotional problems.  Equine Touch is a non-invasive Basic Body Balance and a great way to say Thank you to your horse. 


 Cindy taught and performed Belly Dancing for 30+ years,  great exercise for the mind, body and soul.  Her students found that the dance helped them to get in rhythm and in sync with their horse.  

"Dance with your horse &

  •  your Horse will dance with you"


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Spirit Dancer Ranch

6347 Savvy Pl, Fort Collins, Colorado 80524, United States

(970) 481-9150

Private lessons by appointment

Schedule your own trail ride or obstacle lesson,

 Solo or group.  All ages of people & horses welcome.

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Cricket & Cindy Performing Dance with your horse!

Cricket & Cindy, Duet

Cricket was Cindy's first rescue in 1995. They performed at many venues, bareback & bridle-less. He has since passed but will always be in her heart

Cricket taught Cindy to listen to the horse and how to connect mentally & physically.

"Dance with your horse" & your horse will "Dance with you"

Cricket could do the hula while Cindy was Belly dancing on his back.  He was "one of a kind"  He taught Cindy to listen to him and connect with his body while riding bareback & bridle-less.  Pure Partnership! Between Horse & rider.

Clinics, Private lessons, Equine Touch

Find the relationship you always wish you had with your horse.  at Liberty or on-line, Body language, Obstacles, Trails, Games, Play Days!  Learn to Listen to your horse.

 Equine Touch is available at Spirit Dancer Ranch or at your own facility.