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Colt Starting


Colt Starting

 "There are many characteristics to just one horse. And we can’t learn about that horse by working with it but by playing with it. This is what Cindy Loader told me that helped me while she taught me the unbelievable language of horses. She taught me to be clear with horses, to be direct in what you want them to do. Just because they won’t do something you want them to do doesn’t mean they can’t. Cindy reveled to me the secret of feeling the horse and working with them instead of against them. She explained to me how truly awesome creatures they are because they know what you are feeling and be closer to you through that. And that you and your horse work with one. But the first time all of this clicked in my head was when I saw Cindy herself take a horse that was jumpy and young and turn him into one of the greatest horses I have ever seen. Her horse Cricket used to be just a playful colt, but now he is obedient, graceful and Cindy’s best friend. Seeing this inspired me to have that with my own horse and by working with Cindy I now have that with my horse Whiskey a.k.a. Whiskers. Cindy had played with Whiskers while he grew up, and brought him into the beautiful world of a good horse and rider relationship. When I met him he was three years old and one of the tallest horses I had ever seen, but he was also one of the best mannered and intelligent horses I had ever met. But the first time I rode him I felt a connection. He was three years old and knew how to side step with one fluid movement. After one trail ride with Cindy on Cricket and me on Whiskers she had shown me how he moved and the ways she had taught him. Now we are inseparable. Cindy is one of the few people I understood and she gave me very clear, finite direction. Every time we are together she gives me more thoughts and tips just adding to the education she has already taught me.  Now I am closer to speaking that wonderful language of horses that Cindy herself can speak so well.

    Thanks for all your help, long training hours with me & my horse and continued support!"

Alexandria White

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  "When I found Cindy, I was looking for a natural horse-person to help me start my three year old filly.  I found Cindy's name in the phone book and was immediately drawn to the "Parelli Level Three Graduate" that stood out in the ad.  I had been doing Parelli for about 2years before I met Cindy and wanted to continue that education as well.  After Cindy's first lesson, I was hooked, and haven't turned back.  Cindy helped me with my ground games, and then help me start my horse... Me!  Cindy always finds the best way to communicate to you, so you can communicate that to you horse.  She always has the best interest of the horse in mind and works hard to instill that into her students.  Whether it is ground lessons or riding lessons, Cindy can find a way to give you the leadership and the confidence to have a great connection and relationship with your horse."

Morgan Behrendt

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Equine Touch


Equine Touch

 "I bought Uname (Oo-nah-may), against my better judgment, in April of 2009.  I could see she was a little tender on her front feet, but I hoped it was because she was walking on rocks.   In the end, I took her home anyway, mostly because I could see in her eyes that she had picked me.  Plus, even though the seller said Uname wasn't fond of men, she clearly loved my husband.   Ultimately, there was no doubt in my heart or my mind that Uname was pleading with me to take her home. 

    Later, while trying to ride her, I noticed she would turn around and bite at my feet. (I thought it was just because she was being a brat, but looking back, I now know it was because she was in pain.)   I also noticed that, on the ground, she seemed stiff and, shortly after bringing her home, the frogs on her front feet completely sloughed off.  She rarely trotted, and I never saw her canter.  We had front shoes and therapeutic pads put on her feet and, while they seemed to help, she was still sore and sluggish.

    Meanwhile, I met Cindy through a friend, with whom I was learning Parelli Natural Horsemanship.  I knew Cindy had just received her certification as an Equine Touch Practitioner, so in hope of easing a little of Uname's pain, I signed her up for a session.  I had no idea the change this decision would bring in my horse. 

    After just two sessions, her eyes are brighter and she is much more responsive.  She now trots around the pasture with my other horse, holding her head high and walking much more smoothly.  She even has a bounce to her step that tells me she is in less pain and is beginning to enjoy her days. The most shocking change in my beautiful girl is the change in her conformation.  I thought her shoulders were thick and round, but now that her muscles are relaxed, I can see she had been living her life with her shoulder muscles “hunched over.”  She now has more slope in her shoulders, and her withers are more prominent.  Also, the muscles in her back are looser and much more supple.  Seeing her now, I know her past life was far from happy.

    We have just finished our third session.  And, while I know more are needed to get Uname in tip-top shape, I can’t thank Cindy enough ... for giving me the horse I didn’t know I had. "

Brianna Cruz-Heath



  "Lessons with Cindy… lead me to deeper insight into my horse, our relationship, and much improved horsemanship.  Parelli has been major part of my life for over 3 years, and even after participating in multiple level 2 and liberty clinics with a 3Star instructor, I needed more answers, more savvy, much more refinement!  Cindy has become a vital part of my journey.  I am impressed with her energy work and continuous strive to improve her own horsemanship. She's a great coach!"

Christy Hawes.l.




  "Just when I was about to give up my relationship with my horse, Cindy came into Buddy's and my life.  I was a bit skeptical at first about the method of training Cindy uses, but I was at the end of my "rope" so to speak.  It started with a bet- a "million" dollar bet if Cindy could get my horse to lunge on a lead rope, which I was never able to do or anyone else for that matter.  The first day of training, not only was my horse doing the "Circle Game" with Cindy , but many other things I had never seen him do.  Needless to to say, she has been working with  Buddy and I ever since.  Because of her knowledge and natural ability to work with horses and people, Cindy has been able to help me become a better leader and partner with my horse and give me confidence to become a better rider.  She has changed my experience with horses forever!  Thank you Cindy!!"  

Janice Soukup

Problem Horses


Problem horse     "Cindy Loader has been my friend and mentor for years.  I highly recommend her to start and train any horse lucky enough to be under Cindy's kind hand, mind, and heart.  She'll have your horse's respect before any formal training starts.    

     Cindy has helped my horses and me in a variety of 'sticky situations', from trailer loading issues to stopping the horse that had no 'whoa' and everything in between.  You will be very happy with what your horse learns with Cindy."  

Susan Moore-Lawrence