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About Cindy

Trainin​g your horse with heart as well as mind. Natural interspecies communication

Cindy has been in love with horses since she was a young  girl.  She and her sisters spent time at the pasture across the road where horses were boarded.  They helped each other up on the horses so that they could ride them.  They had their own rodeos by tying nylon stockings around ponies flanks.  Somehow they survived their child hood and all of the crazy 4 legged animals that they rode.  Pigs, calves, ponies, horses.

     An Uncle gave them a donkey named Moe.  Father's rule was learn to ride bareback, then he would buy a saddle.  After they learned to ride quite well bare-back, he said they no longer needed a saddle.

     Cindy has been riding back back ever since.

     Johnny Soderberg gave Cindy her very own horse when she graduated High School,  she was a mare that no one else wanted because she was so ornery.  Cindy rode her every day.  She rode her out to the main road for mail which was 6 miles each way.  They even did some moon light rides, just the two of them. 

     When her Mare had a beautiful Appaloosa colt, she named him Dutch.  He nickered every time he saw her.  They had a great relationship, like a couple of kids.  One day when he was almost a year old, he acted like he did not recognize Cindy.  She called CSU and they said he had Encephalitis.  Cindy was devastated.  CSU doctored him for a week. Cindy wanted to put him in the corral but the Vet said he might get hurt.  The next morning he was found tangled in the cat tails half dead.  The Vet said to put him down and that was it for Cindy.  She did not want that pain again.  For 20 years, horses did not exist for her.

     In 1995, Cindy was rear-ended in a car accident.  Being a Professional Belly Dancer and teacher, she was used to being very limber.  After the accident, Cindy could not hold her arms up in the air.   She got so depressed that her husband, Mark, took her to a Paint Horse Auction.ere.

Cricket's Story:

The auction house was packed and the only place to sit was on the stairs.  Many beautiful horses came through ranging from $300.00 to $600.00. Then this 
scrawny little guy with one blue eye came into the ring.  And $210.00 later Cindy had a horse, with no pasture or trailer.      Cricket must have been kicked when 80 head of pasture bred colts were loaded into the Semi, headed to the auction; he creaked when he walked, hence the name Cricket.      Cricket and Cindy played together, hung out together and healed together.      The problem was that she loved him and hugged him but he did not respect her.  He bucked her off and ran over her if he was pressured.  Mark said that he would get rid of him if he hurt her again.  Cindy looked for Training methods and found Pat Parelli.  It took 5 years to get through Level 3 but what a difference it made in their relationship.  Cricket & Cindy dance together on the ground and on his back!  He picks her up from the rail at liberty for their rides.  

Cricket is now in greener pastures.  

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Rescue & Rehab

Cricket was the start of Cindy's Rescue & Rehabbing

Cindy has rescued animals since a young age.  Now it is horses! 

 Peruvians, Mustangs, Icelandics, mules, paints, Quarter horses. 

She has rescued and re-homed many horses and loves to help people to understand and listen to their own horses. 

Cindy has learned  by being with these horses, they have so much to teach us if we will just listen to them.

  Cindy was an Extreme Mustang Makeover Trainer in Colorado in 2010 and 2011.  Her first Mustang, Calypso now lives with a family with young children who adore him.  He is like their big puppy dog.

Calypso and Cindy were Clinicians at the RMHE for Liberty & body language. 

 They also performed to Burlesque at the Mustang Days Freestyle. 

Equine Touch and Aromatherapy Oils were essential in training. 

Maverick was her second EMM and he and his person bring  home ribbons from fun competitions.

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Cindy is an Equine Touch Practitioner, Equine Touch  is an invaluable tool for emotional and Traumatized horses.  she also uses Aromatherapy oils and Energy work to help horses with physical and emotional problems.  Cindy taught and performed Belly Dancing for 30+ years,  great exercise for the mind, body and soul.  Her students found that the dance helped them to get in rhythm and in sync with their horse. 

   Cindy has studied and ridden with many top horsemen such as Eitan Beth-Halachmy, Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman, Jack Brainard, Manuel Trigo,  Jason Patrick, the Parelli's, and many more.   She Graduated L-3 PNH in 2004.  She still uses the PNH games in her colt starting.  Her love of the horse keeps her searching for more knowledge. 

 Learning is a  lifelong process.  

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Cindy combines her BellyDancing with her extensive  Horsemanship Training to Enhance her own style of Teaching with Heart as well as mind, Liberty and Body Language

Cindy has rescued and rehabbed many horses that had been neglected or abused and found loving homes for them.  She also helps people find the perfect home for horses needing re-homed.

Equine Touch

Gentle Bodywork for Horses

 Practitioner: Cindy Loader   970-481-9150

Your horse will love you for it!

What is Equine Touch?

A unique, gentle and non-invasive hands-on technique that addresses musculoskeletal, physical, behavioral and emotional problems with astounding results

Equine Touch is a non-diagnostic, non-invasive energy-release modality that works at a completely holistic level: it addresses the individual as a whole without paying any particular attention to any named problem.

 A unique set of hands-on procedures to be performed over specific points of the musculoskeletal framework in a specific direction and pattern. When performed with accuracy, integrity, and intent these moves unlock the innate wisdom of the body encouraging it to reset itself and release energy blocks, thus bringing about balance and health on all levels –

physical, chemical, emotional, and behavioral.

While The Equine Touch™ is a tool that is used to great advantage by chiropractors, osteopaths, orthodox and animal doctors, massage therapists, cranial sacral therapists, holistic veterinarians and practitioners of all hands-on therapies, it is a modality that stands alone in its own right.

The simple Equine Touch™ move crosses all barriers of understanding and restrictions bringing relief to the recipient, whether human or animal.

This technique, simple yet profound, can be readily learned by the horse owner and veterinarian alike,

and can be applied complementary to any discipline or mode of horsemanship.

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Your horse will love you for it!

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